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Dr. Jim Buehler

Dr. Jim Buehler

In honor of his new position as Health Commissioner for the City of Philadelphia, this week I bring you the very first Rewind episode featuring the wonderful Dr. Jim Buehler. He was my professor at Drexel, a former bigwig at CDC, and one of the very first Action Phase guests. Enjoy!

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Jen Chapman headshotJen Chapman, the nerd behind the Public Health Nerd Club, tells me how the allure of “having great stories” enticed her into public health. From going door-to-door informing people that their partner had contracted an STD to researching HIV medication adherence in Botswana, Jen is passionate about public health.

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Boone_photoAntonio Boone is the Program Assistant at Sexuality with Education and Truth (SWEAT), where he works with young men who have sex with men and are HIV+. We talk about shade-free zones, HIV stigma, and how participating in a program gives you a unique perspective on working for that program.

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lorelei_photoLorelei Shingledecker from Philadelphia FIGHT is passionate about helping people improve their lives. We talk about the work she does with the HIV/AIDS community as well as her upcoming photography show featuring immigrants and the music of their childhoods.

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In the very first episode of Action Phase, I sit down with Briana Morgan from the Office of HIV Planning Philadelphia to talk about stumbling into a career in public health, how we can improve HIV prevention programs, and learning how to code.


Great hair, great conversationalist.
The whole package, really.

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