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Don’t worry, chickadees! Action Phase is just taking a temporary hiatus as I transition out of student lifeĀ and into the working world. I’ll be back with new episodes soon.

I’m pleased to announce that Action Phase is taking part in the Philadelphia Podcast Festival. My FREE live show will be on August 23 at 4pm in the upstairs room at Tattooed Mom on South Street in Philadelphia. Come out and support Philly’s only public health podcast!

marion_headshotThe 20K House Project, run by the Rural Studio at Auburn University, aims to create affordable, safe housing for people living in rural areas. By creating this alternative to trailers, the project hopes to make homes available to anyone who needs them. Marion McElroy and I talk about how they’re going to make this happen.

Side note: Action Phase should be on iTunes sometime this week. That means you’ll be able to easily subscribe and download episodes. I’ll let you know when that’s in place. But for now, listen to it here!